Meet Cindy

I grew up in Minden, NE. From a young age, my mother taught me about healing and meditation. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and I substitute taught for the local public schools. I also taught Kindermusik when my kids were young. I listened to my intuition and began to search for tools to practice energy healing. In 1999, I took Reiki classes for the first time. I poured all I learned into my family. In 2014, I became certified in RYT200 yoga. I feel that my yoga training adds a depth of wisdom to my healing practice.

When my three children had grown and flown, I began to train in Reiki again. I am a musician, and I have sung in the same church choir since 1996. With an affinity toward music and an awareness of the healing capacity of music and vibration, I became licensed to practice Vibrational Sound Therapy through the Vibrational Sound Association. Reiki and VST feel as natural to me as breathing, and I feel a calling to help others in this way. This is how Blue Pearl Reiki came to be! Join me in total relaxation in my Reiki studio in my home or enjoy a distance Reiki session from wherever you are.

When the physical body is allowed to be in full relaxation, and the energy centers are in total balance, the body is more able to heal itself. Take exceptional care of the one who cares for everyone else. Feel less anxiety, pain, and stress. Notice better relationships in your family and at work. Feel a sense of peace and watch your whole inner and outer world improve. Make Reiki and VST a regular part of your self-care routine Exceptional self-care changes everything!

Cindy Mohr

Cindy’s Studio

Cindy’s Studio