“Want a relaxing hour in the middle of your stressful day/week/month? Make the best decision you’ll make all week and go see my friend Cindy Mohr at Blue Pearl Reiki—no woo-woo, no voodoo just excellent relaxation therapy by someone who comes from a long line of healers and knows her stuff.”

Mary F.

I had a vibrational sound healing session with Cindy and it was dreamy and yummy and calming and enlivening all rolled up in one glorious hour. From the moment I walked into her space I felt safe, heard and attended to. I could feel healing taking place before I even got on the table. It was a blissful experience…thank you, Cindy.

Kay J.

“Feeling totally blissed out! I’ve been going to Cindy for Reiki and today tried Vibrational Healing.”

Rachel H.

“My experience at Cindy’s having her do Vibrational Sound Therapy was very enjoyable. When I went in I was quite anxious about some life situations and also had no idea what to expect from the “treatment.”

She was very cheerful, calming and thorough in explaining what she did and I was totally at ease.  I loved the sounds and the gentle vibrations of the bowls. Everything from start to finish was completely relaxing and comforting. Even though I didn’t go to sleep as I had heard some do – I left feeling much more relaxed and at peace than when I arrived. I highly recommend CIndy’s approach and treatment.”

Jane B.

“I have experienced both Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy at Blue Pearl Reiki. The environment at Blue Pearl Reiki is so safe and serene that it immediately builds a secure bridge of trust and confidence with the practitioner, Cindy. The gentle sounds of Cindy’s voice during a session and the beautiful clear vibrational tones created with the singing bowls quickly soothe an anxious busy mind and allow it to become still and peaceful. In this condition, the body can enter into a state of profound relaxation and peace. This is a space where deep insights and actual physical healing can occur in both mind and body. The state of relaxation experienced during either a Reiki or a Vibrational Sound session is so profound that it allows an especially deep and restful experience of sleep for several nights following the experience at Blue Pearl Reiki.

How long does a session at Blue Pearl Reiki continue to soothe and influence the body? The subtle energy field around our body is very fluid and totally controlled by our thoughts and emotions. As quickly as our thoughts and emotions change, our energy field changes. As long as we can fully mentally and emotionally tap into the calm, peaceful energy we experienced during our session at Blue Pearl Reiki our mind and body can continue to experience the benefits; but when we become caught in the stress and pressures of our daily life and we feel the peace and serenity of the Blue Pearl Reiki session slip away it is a signal that another Blue Pearl Reiki session would be appropriate. Our daily mindset is a habit that does not change in one session, but with intention and practice and with the assistance of additional Blue Pearl Reiki sessions we can build new energy habits of being and become stronger and more centered in a space of peace and harmony.

A session at Blue Pearl Reiki is a blessed experience. We are extremely fortunate to have this modality of energy medicine available to us on this planet at this time. Cindy is an exemplary and an especially gifted practitioner. Anyone who has the extreme good fortune to experience a session from her is greatly blessed indeed. With profound gratitude for the sessions I have experienced from Cindy already, I offer these humble words describing, as best I can, my incredible experience in her powerful, peaceful sanctuary.”

Connie S.

“Cindy has created a soothing, relaxed environment in her studio. She is knowledgeable, sensitive to your needs, and accommodates personal preferences. Her cheerful personality was an added plus to my positive Blue Pearl Reiki experiences.”

Sue G.

“My experience with Cindy was awesome. She greets you at the door with a peaceful smile. Her setting is very relaxing and welcoming as well. During my vibrational sound therapy, I experienced clarity in my thoughts. I walked out feeling much lighter in my body as well. This is an excellent health care alternative.”

Kathy S.

“I participated in the sound bath at Cindy’s evening class, and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I enjoyed listening to all the different sounds in an amazing new space. I would recommend a nice sound bath if you need a relaxing evening!”

Samantha P.

I have had her Reiki Sessions, Vibrational Sound Therapy Session, and a combination of both (my favorite!)! I even had a distance healing session when I had COVID. She is truly amazing. I achieve a level of calm with her that I don’t get utilizing any other methods. She has helped me heal much quicker from injury and also from a nasty bronchial bug. Highly recommend!”

Paula R.

“I highly recommend the sound bath to anyone. The atmosphere and hostess were very welcoming and soothing. I felt very calm and relaxed during and after. The wonderful conversation and delicious snacks topped off the evening. I can’t wait for my second sound bath.”

Megan G.

Cindy is one of the most genuine, authentic, caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Both her Reiki sessions and sound baths are absolutely wonderful, and I leave feeling rejuvenated and centered every time I see her. I cannot say enough good about her!”

Brianna G.