Exceptional Self Care Changes Everything

Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Sound Baths can help you care for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Self-care is neither optional nor selfish. It is necessary and important.
Reiki being performed on a client

How Does Reiki
Healing Work?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a simple healing technique that aims to balance the energy systems of the body. When applied correctly, Reiki unblocks energy pathways allowing a smooth, balanced flow of energy to all parts of the body. When in balance, these energy systems can lead to improvements in health, lower stress levels, and an overall feeling of well-being. 

 Because Reiki does not necessarily require physical touch, a well-trained practitioner can conduct “hand-off” sessions or even distance healing, curating each session to a client’s comfort level.


Vibrational Sound Therapy singing bowls

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Reiki Healing Sessions

A combination of light touch and above-the-body energy sweeping. It can be calming or grounding or feel more like an emotional realignment.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

In a typical session, therapeutic grade singing bowls are placed directly on and around the clothed body. The bowls are gently and rhythmically struck with a padded felt mallet. The vibration invites the client into a deep state of relaxation. This state can induce better sleep, reduce chronic pain, and create a sense of emotional balance and healing.

Combination Session

Reiki combined with Vibrational Sound Therapy will help you de-stress and bring your body and mind into a state of homeostasis.

Sound Bath

An hour and a half experience, including refreshments, all supplies, gentle yoga stretches, guided meditation, reiki, and a live sound bath created with crystal bowls, gong, drum, chimes, etc. to guide one into a state of deep relaxation.

Reiki being performed on a client.

Reiki is a Form of Energy Healing

The word “reiki” is made up of the Japanese words “rei” meaning “soul” or “spirit” and “kei” meaning “vital energy”. Reiki is the practice of utilizing and balancing the soulful, spiritual, vital energy that exists not only in all living things, but all around us.

Cindy Mohr performing Vibrational Sound Therapy

“I’ve had two wonderful sessions with Blue Pearl Reiki. Several techniques were provided with very effective results. Both sessions left me relaxed and focused. I can’t wait to continue my sessions!”

 —Randall D.

“I highly recommend Blue Pearl Reiki and Cindy for the sound bath sessions she offers. Sound therapy is very healing, relaxing, and a great form of self-care. I’ve been to two of her sound baths, and I will continue to attend regularly as I find them extremely helpful and enjoyable.”

— Angela F.